ventgrid product 00With over 8000 lbs/ft²(380kpa) vertical load capacity and a unique open grid format, Ventgrid12™ is an extremely versatile product. It is the perfect air-gap solution for many applications such as;

  • Subfloors over concrete slabs
  • Exterior wall rain screen assembly
  • Cedar roof shakes and shingles
  • Pavers on flat roofs
  • And more!

ventgrid corner 001Ventgrid12™ is an important new innovation for the building construction industry. It is the ideal solution for assemblies where a drainage / ventilation air space is needed. Unlike ordinary methods such as wood furring, Ventgrid12™ is made almost completely from “post consumer” recycled plastic so it is highly resistant to deterioration and degradation. Ventgrid12™ will not decay, rot, absorb moisture or support mold growth.

ventgrid corner 011Ventgrid12™ utilizes a unique manufacturing process to produce an incredibly strong and lightweight rigid flat 4’(1.22m)x8’(2.44m) panel with 1/4”(6.4mm) long stand-off dimples for an overall thickness of 1/2”(12.7 mm). The specially Engineered plastic is easily snipped with standard hand shears such as sheet metal cutters. Because each sheet weighs only 8 lbs(3.6kg), Ventgrid12™ is very easy to handle saving time and labour. Each sheet quickly covers 32 sq. ft.(2.97m²) of surface area and the convenient pre-formed fastener holes make the installation fast and simple.

Ventgrid12™ is a high value building product that is synonymous with high quality building construction.

While creating an air gap behind cladding is important it also presents another challenge; bugs, bats, rodents and other pests can find the space behind the cladding to be a particularly inviting nesting place which is why ventrim10™ was developed. Ventrim10™ is used at the top and bottom of the wall to neatly close off the void behind the cladding preventing a pest invasion, while still providing ventilation. Made of tough PVC, Ventrim10™ is a perfect way to Cap the Gap.

ventrim wVentgrid121   

ventrim 02Most siding companies now either require or strongly recommend a ventilated air space between the cladding and sheathing paper. This is referred to as rainscreen exterior wall assembly. The challenge however, is how to close off the top and bottom of the air space to pests such as flying insects, bats, rodents and other undesirable home invaders.

ventrim 01The answer is a simple new product
called Ventrim10™.

Ventrim10™ was designed to work as an integral part of a system along with Ventgrid12™. It is made of durable and long lasting PVC with vent holes punched in the bottom of the trough for drainage and ventilation. Ventrim10™ has been designed to be easy to work with; it is lightweight, easy to cut and nail through. Produced in consistently straight 8’(2.4m) lengths, it is a great way to level the bottom course of siding too.

ventrim 00So, remember to Cap the Gap so no one gets stung later.

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